Virtual Doula Support Now Available!!

Having Professional Doula Support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum has proven in clinical trials to improve outcomes and empower the laboring mom to have a more positive journey in birth and the beginnings of motherhood.

Unfortunately with the COVID-19 crisis, there is an emerging need for most to have support virtually to safeguard many from the spread of this virus.

In my 20 year career as a doula, I've been helping select families with phone/text/email and video support during birth - and I'm delighted to offer this more formally as a Virtual Support Package for these times.

With Virtual Doula Support you will receive:

  • HIPPA compliant Video Prenatal Meetings (2) before labor with educational materials

  • Email/Phone calls as needed leading up to labor.

  • Phone/Text/Video support during the labor process at home as well as at the hospital.

  • Phone or Video Chat Conversations with your medical team in Real Time as desired in labor.

  • Comfort measure suggestions, translation and normalization of the birth process in Real Time 24/7 during Labor/Birth

  • Conversations in Real Time to help you find Informed Consent with important medical decisions during labor/birth

  • Choosing an Epidural? Receive professional guidance on how to work with positions and medications while in bed to optimize outcomes.

  • Advocacy, reminders, tips that can make the first hours after meeting you baby more special and healthy for all

  • Phone/text/video support during  postpartum time to process the birth and the inherent changes of life with baby

  • Troubleshooting breastfeeding struggles, newborn care virtually or in person. 

  • Moby Newborn Baby Carrier Wrap Gift and Instruction either in home or virtually 

  • In Person or Virtual Lactation Counseling

  • Organic Homemade Pregnancy Tea to support your Labor

Virtual Support Testimonials:

t was tough to imagine how the hands-on experience from my first birth would translate to remote support for #2. Cara kept in touch across the pregnancy to chat about how I was feeling and what to expect, and when the time came, her voice helped fill the room with calm. She coached my husband through support techniques, helped us parse the information coming in from the medical team, suggested techniques to make labor more productive, and generally integrated herself into the experience in a way I could not have anticipated. I am so glad that we kept Cara’s support part of our plan; she was just as critical as she was in person for birth #1. ~Anna, April 2020

"We are very grateful to Cara for all her support, materials and timely advice to become ready for a natural birth while understanding what our options might be in a scenario where we may have had to face any complications. The classes we received from her and especially the labor chart was exceptionally useful during my labor at home. She was very kind in providing us ample time flexibly via online chats, being smart about planning the logistics during the labor and birth and even sent us her sanitized peanut ball since the hospital was not providing any due to COVID. While we could not have Cara present physically during the birth due to hospital restrictions, we had her available with us on facetime throughout and working with our nurse and midwife to ensure I could know and exercise all my options to manage pain. To give birth in these isolated and strange times without family and friends has not been easy. But having Cara by our side made us (as new and first time parents) feel confident. She helped us see through these times with ease, kindness, providing information, timely and practical advice, and warm reassurances that we could be prepared and go through this comfortably. " ~ Subhashini, May 2020

"After extensive research, we decided on Cara as our doula for our April 2020 birth. With the threat of COVID19, we were not able to have doula support in the hospital with us, so we opted for her virtual support. Cara provided exactly what we needed during our birth experience. Through FaceTime, phone calls, and texts to my partner, Cara provided help to keep us working as a team. She virtually talked us through the implications of all decisions made during our labor experience. She coached each of us effectively through the most difficult points of labor. Most importantly, without her support, I would not have been able to stick with my goal of a natural, medicine free birth.


Her post-partum care has been nothing short of amazing. She has imparted knowledge only a seasoned and experienced doula can, from bath time, to pumping, and more. We are so grateful for Cara and would highly recommend her services without reservation to other expecting parents!" ~Kirsten and Jon 4/2020

"I always knew I wanted to work with a doula once pregnant. Firstly, I wanted to give myself the best possible chance to have an unmedicated birth and secondly, I was delivering away from my support network and was looking for a knowledgable and compasionate person I could depend on during this lifechanging time. Although my birth and doula experience did not go as planned due to circumstances out of my control (induction during pandemic) I could not be happier to have Cara by my side. Not only is she extremely experienced in all matters pregnancy and birth related but she can also pass her knowlege in a calm and reassuring way which really eased my anxiety. Even though she wasn’t physically present during my labor due to the pandemic she made herself available right from the start and her reassuring voice and expert advice were always just a phone or video call away. Once complications occured she was able to speak to hospital staff and translate all that was going and give her recommendations. She instructed my husband on how to best help me in my effort, provided words of encouragement and was able to take some great snaps of my baby being born all from a computer screen. It was great to have her come to my home in person for a postpartum visit however it was our reassuring phone calls towards the end of my pregnancy and first days with baby that I value the most. I highly recommend Cara for both in person and virtual doula support." ~ Iwona 3/2020

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