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"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life."


~ Ina May Gaskin, Midwife

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Cara Crowe
Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula,
Certified Lactation Counselor, CLC
Childbirth Educator, RYT 200
21 years 
 800 + Births 




Serving: Washington DC, NOVA, Maryland

Doula Manager @The Womb Room - Hampden, Baltimore


Birth Work has been my passion for the last 21 years. I am truly humbled to have been apart of over 800 births and supporting families in this transformational time in life. My philosophy gives room for ALL birth practices, natural, medicated or cesarean. May it be empowering.

"Let the Beauty we love be what we Do..." ~Rumi

Birth& Postpartum Doula Packages

Prenatal Meetings Private Childbirth Classes , Labor Support on the big day & In Home Postpartum Support Options. Choose what is right for you 

Private Childbirth Classes

Knowledge and preparation are power! Choose from my 3.5 hour Class to my 4 week series to empower you and your partner for a positive birth experience

Serving All Hospitals & Birth Centers in the Metropolitan DC, NOVA, MD and Baltimore/Annapolis Areas

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~ Professional Birth Doula Package ~
~Accepting Due Dates August 2022 on
  • In Person Doula support in labor (provider allowing once admitted, virtually otherwise)

  • 1.5 hour Prenatal Planning meeting in your home or virtually

  • Cara’s Herbal Tea Blends for Pregnancy, and Postpartum Recovery, homeopathic and herbal recommendations to help with the end of pregnancy and labor

  • A Variety of Guided Visualization and Meditation  audio files to help you prepare your mind and body for experience of labor

  • On Call Phone or Email Support throughout your pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum

  • Moby baby carrier to support your fourth trimester once baby is born

  • In Home Postpartum Visit for Breastfeeding support & Birth Processing

Professional Postpartum Doula Support

Nighttime Postpartum Support While You Rest:


10-14 hours of Overnight Support to help you rest, reset and find support in feeding, caring for your baby. 

        $42/hour, 50+hour packages available at a discounted rate

" Birth is a ceremony. The birthing mother goes through a huge process of opening up, opening up her body and heart to let the baby come through. The ceremony does not end right after the birth. She has just met with the most raw and primal parts of herself. Her consciousness is expanding as she takes on the role of mother of this new child on earth. It's huge. The mother remains open during her postpartum days. The imprints she can receive from her community during this time of closure can be those of love and support She can be fortified to become the best mother for this child."


~Andrea, Home Birth Midwife

Private Childbirth Class

*Available during COVID Crisis

Private Natural Childbirth Classes

*Available during COVID Crisis

Class Details: $250 fee

I offer this private class (1 couple only) in the comfort of your home or LIVE virtually - your choice!

This 3.5 hour class is designed as a “crash course” to birth, so LOTS of information is given! I created this class to help fill in much needed gaps in a hospital class, or for couples wanting to spend more time with their doula. This class DOES NOT offer comprehensive childbirth preparation.

Expect some homework :)

We go over:

Preparing for birth: exercises and wisdom to employ to create your best birth
The landscape of labor: early, active, transition and pushing stages
coping strategies for each phase
we touch on interventions
logistical planning for the big day as a team

"Cara was present for the birth of my son. She provided compassionate, present support—emotionally and physically—throughout. She brought critical knowledge to the experience helping us to make difficult decisions and understand what was happening and what power we had to change it at any given time. She helped me turn a difficult labor into a profoundly beautiful birth experience and made sure we felt in control the entire time. It was invaluable and my husband and I can’t imagine having gone through it without her.

We also took Cara’s birth preparation classes, which I would recommend so highly. We enjoyed the classes and learned everything we needed to know. It was also so nice to have the extra time with our doula." ~Alaina & John

Class Details: $550 fee

Private classes - (1 couple only) offered in the comfort of your own home ~ OR LIVE virtually as you desire.


6 hours of Childbirth Education

We will meet three times together. The first class is 2 hours, the second class is 2 hours and we have a 2 hour prenatal meeting/refresher to finish up.


You will receive a binder full of pertinent reading material to help support your home study. Also, you will receive a Rebozo (a labor coping tool) and we will go over some basic instruction to use this in labor.

Here is the kind of information that we'll be addressing:

  • What to bring to birth

  • Preparing body and mind for the third trimester

  • Understanding hormones in birth

  • Stages of labor

  • Comfort techniques

  • Interventions in birth

  • Routine procedures and options with evidenced based information

  • Preparing for Postpartum

  • We will watch professional childbirth videos in class and use professional childbirth workbooks. You will get a recommended reading list, which includes information on breastfeeding. You are invited to create your birth plan and share them with me via email.

** An additional Breastfeeding 101 Class is available as and additional option. Please inquire.

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