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Sleep Consulting Services - Available January 2023!!

Let's help you learn how to support healthy sleep habits for your child! I offer customized sleep training strategies with proven success. I will evaluate what your current struggle may be needing and offer you options to choose your best fit for you and your family to implement. In as little as two weeks, your child will be making remarkable changes for better sleep.

We will begin with a consultation by phone for your sleep assessment, followed by a thorough sleep plan.

You will receive:

  • a sleep assessment

  • a customized sleep plan

  • text support as needed for two weeks upon implementation of the sleep plan

  • a call upon completion of your two weeks to ensure your success going forward

My Fee is $650

All About Me

As a mother of four, a nanny of two and a postpartum doula for many years I've learned the vital need for the most important nourishment - SLEEP!  Some have coined me, "The Sleep Fairy" as I've helped them to navigate their child's sleep struggles.

My passion is to help you learn healthy sleep shaping for your matter how old! 

"Cara is a life saver. We were experiencing multiple sleep issues with our 4-month old baby, Michaela. She would only fall asleep in our arms, her average nap was around 20 minutes, and she'd wake up multiple times at night. We were all exhausted and cranky and didn't know what to do. Cara came to our home and quickly recognized the problem. She stayed at our home for about 18 hours. By the time she left, Michaela was falling asleep in her crib, napping 3 times per day for 2ish hours and had gone down to 1-2 wake ups per night. Cara gave us our lives back and we'll always be grateful to her."

Andrea and Nadav Chudler





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