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Is There a Roadmap to Successfully Feeding my Baby?

Maybe you are digesting all of the information out there relating to your choices in taking care of your baby - breastfeeding, bottle feeding, donor milk feeding, formula feeding, organic formula, a combination of any above...Yep there isn't one way to do this in the first 6 months of your baby's life.

Let's explore what you mean by wanting to be successful in feeding your baby; Successful: Defined as "accomplishing an aim or purpose"

The AAP says it is best for infants to be "exclusively breastfed/breastmilk fed" for 6 months, where after 6 months, solid foods can be introduced as complimentary nutrition and breastfeeding can be continued up to 2 years or longer as desired.

What about the aspect of enjoying the ride? Or is that not a big factor to you? As a Certified Lactation Consultant, and Mother of Four, I encourage my clients to introspect on what is most important to them - we each have different values that help define our version of "success" especially when it comes to our parenting styles. If you haven't seen this yet in your community... I promise you, it is coming!

So, I do ask you, how does the relationship aspect of feeding your baby impact your definition of success? Many topics that are brought to me in the early weeks of feeding baby include concerns regarding mother's physical and emotional state. Between sore nipples and sleep deprivation, learning breastfeeding, pumping and the new rhythm of this 24/7 job of feeding is a lot to navigate for sure.

As a general template to navigating this time - it's all about SUPPORT. Widen your circle to find professionals, feeding groups and moms in your area. If you are troubleshooting breastfeeding, a simple position change, latch technique or tool could be a spark to more ease and joy in your bond at the breast. Perhaps learning to increase your supply with a breast pump, or creating a more co-feeding plan with dad/partner at home is what will bring a lightness into your life ...A Certified Lactation Consultant can be the call to make.

Isolation can be the undermining factor to most issues in the early weeks with your baby...know you have a village, even if you haven't discovered it yet! Reach out to those around you.. I like to think that most of us humans are just waiting for someone to ask for an act of kindness we can offer!

So, the roadmap in this learning adventure can be laiden with honest introspection of what brings you joy in your best relationship with your baby, along with companions on the path and supportive professionals as guides.

Virtual and In Person Lactation Consultations available ~

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